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Ready to Fall by Daisy Prescott -- Review and Giveaway

Title: Ready to Fall
Author: Daisy Prescott
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Comedy

When you fall, you fall hard...

Readers first fell in love with John Day as the hot next-door neighbor in Romantic Comedy Best Seller Geoducks Are for Lovers. Tall, dark, and handsome is an understatement. With the beard, a dog named Babe, and his ever present plaid shirt, John is a modern lumberjack in more ways
than one.

Lurking beneath the flannel and beard could be the heart of a romantic. Or is John a wolf in flannel clothing?

After his favorite neighbor rents out her cabin for the winter, John finds himself playing fireman and tour guide to Diane Watson, a beautiful brunette with her own messy past and recent battle scars. When an ex shows up unexpectedly, their lives will be changed forever.

Will he be ready to fall in love? Or will he fall back into his old, flirty ways?

Hold onto your heart... and get ready to fall with John Day as he tells his story in this contemporary romance/romantic comedy told in male POV.

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My Thoughts:
4 out of 5 stars
Dear Daisy Prescott...thank you.  

Not long after I started this blog, I posted a review about her first novel, Geoducks Are For Lovers.  I loved so much about that story, the history of the characters, the setting, the fact that they were my age and that I still like them :)...but I don't believe I really hit on one of the perks of Geoducks, John Day.

And yes, he is a definite perk.

Except for in Ready to Fall, he is more than just a perk.

While Geoducks was about friends reconnecting and becoming more, Ready to Fall is the story of John and his temporary new neighbor, Diane.  Diane is starting over after a failed marriage and is renting Maggie's cabin on Whidbey Island for the off-season.  A transplant from New York City, she is hardly used to island life and her inexperience is a rude awakening -- for both herself and for John.  Literally.

I absolutely love the connection between John and Diane.  It was cute and sweet and refreshing to read that I find myself smiling as I write this review.  When I'm often asked about why I read so much YA, my standard answer is that I don't like reading about "adult problems" and that I like the tummy flutters and shy grins of new love.  

For a "grown up book" this book can hold its own in the flutters department.  

As Diane begins to find her true self amidst the rubble of her divorce, John begins to experience a bit of his own self-examination.  And what they both discover is absolutely flail-worthy.

This book is a solid follow-up to one of my favorite reads of the past year.  While I find many "follow ups" to read as a glorified retelling of the first book, I didn't feel like that at all while reading Ready to Fall.  Yes, the setting is the same and the community is small, but really, this book is truly John and Diane's story.  And what a story it is.

And again, to Daisy Prescott, I say thank you.  

About Daisy Prescott:

Before writing funny contemporary romances about adults, I dreamed of being an author whiledoing a lot of other things. Antiques dealer, baker, blue ribbon pie-maker, fangirl, freelance writer, gardener, pet mom and wife are a few of the titles I’ve acquired along the way.

Born and raised in San Diego, my husband and I currently live in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with our dog, Hubbell, and an imaginary house goat who remains nameless.

Ready to Fall, my second novel, features John Day, the hot, sexy neighbor in my debut novel Geoducks Are for Lovers. Both can be read as stand-alones. I’m busy writing my next novel, which will not feature any bivalves.

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I pulled the bike off the road and we ran for the overhang of the store. Standing in the shadows next to the bagged ice freezer on the side of the building, I took off my helmet and brushed the rain from the back of my neck. Diane was dry on her front, but the back of her jacket appeared nearly soaked.

After she took off her helmet and set it on the ground, I gave her a stern look. “See what I mean about not talking about the weather? Around here it can rain when the sun’s out.”

Brushing the water off her jacket, she peered up at me with a sheepish smile. “Sorry. How long do you think we’ll have to wait it out?”

I left the dry safety of the overhang to stare up at the fast moving clouds swirling above us.

“Hard to say. Might turn back to being a mist. Might not.”

“Can we ride home in the rain?” she asked, leaning against the wall. Her wet jeans clung to her legs and I found myself staring while she lifted one leg to brace it on the wall.

“Sure. Do we want to? Not really.”

“What should we do?”

I lifted my eyes to her face. Her eyes sparkled same as they did back in the bar. I swept my thumb across my lower lip and then ran it across my chin.

Since our hike at Deception Pass, I couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her. The day she received a letter from the asshole wasn’t the right time. Normally, I didn’t give this much thought to making a move. If I wanted to kiss a woman, I did. As long as she gave me the right signals. Maybe that was part of the problem with Diane. I didn’t know her signals. We flirted, we teased. I caught her staring, but it never moved from thoughts to action. My hand was getting tired of all the time I spent thinking.

There was a time and place for action. 

That time and place was now.

“Store’s closed. Nothing to do but stand here and watch the rain fall.” I moved closer to her along the wall, my shoulder brushing hers when I mirrored her posture. My hand dropped between us and brushed against her leg, but I faced the line of water dripping from the roof gutter.

“Nothing?” she asked, her voice more of a whisper.

“Can’t think of anything,” I whispered back while I turned to gaze down at her. “You?”

I could see everything in her eyes. I wasn’t the only one thinking about kissing. When I entwined our fingers, her breath hitched. I broke eye contact and stared down at her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue peeked out to wet the bottom one.

“John …” Her words faded away when I leaned down.

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