All posts on Flutters and Flails are done by and of my own accord and because of my innate need to tell everybody I know about the books I read and love.  That's it.  I have no desire to be compensated for my opinions.  If I discuss a book received directly from an author or publisher, it is simply because I enjoyed it. 

Authors and Publishers -- I love being introduced to new titles and would be thrilled to hear from you!

I am open to reading just about anything, but I am particularly drawn to titles that fall into the following categories:

Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
New Adult
Young Adult
I am more than happy to accept self-published copies and ARC's for review. I love love love reading paper bound copies, but will gladly accept ebook versions as well. 

  Feel free to e-mail me at fluttersandflails@gmail.com or send me a dm on twitter (@fluttersnflails or @risbee) for mailing information. 
Please know that when I accept titles, it is with the full understanding that I will do my best to provide an honest review.  If possible, I would love to read a chapter sample in order to better determine if your title is a good match.  If I find that a book is not for me and I am not able to finish it, I may make note of it on Goodreads, but I will not post a negative review on my blog.  I started Flutters and Flails purely to promote the books I enjoy.   

I am also open to hosting author interviews, guest posts or giveaways as well as participating in any blog tours for titles sent to me for review. All reviews posted on Flutters and Flails are also cross posted to my Goodreads account, and can be posted to Amazon and Barnes & Noble if requested.

I think that's it -- I appreciate anybody that is willing to give me a chance. 


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