Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Making Faces by Amy Harmon
A few weeks ago, I was on twitter and I saw one of my book friends raving about this book and after asking her about it, she offered to let me borrow it on my Kindle.

I checked out the premise on Goodreads and like I do with all books that I'm interested in, I added it to my TBR list and got excited about it...and then life happened.  And since the book was on my Kindle and not a physical copy taunting me from the bookshelf across from my chair, it unfortunately started slipping into the 'books I'll get to eventually' list.

But then I got the email that said that I only had 3 days left to read it.  Combine that with my YALLFest high and I was in full on book mode.  Forget life, I was going to read and I was going to enjoy myself and that was just the way it was going to be.

From the moment I finished the first page, none of that extra stuff even mattered.

This book owned every single cell in my body.

I've talked about the reading slump that lasted FOREVER, so I'm not going to rehash the ugly...but it was totally worth the pain and suffering if it means that I get to read books like this one.

Making Faces is a book about relationships.  Relationships between family, between friends, with one's self.  With society.  With team.  With country.

With the one you love.  Even from afar.  Or through proxy.

Fern loves Ambrose. 

For the first part of this book, I was totally taken back to the days of writing initials on pieces of paper during class and daydreaming.  And also of the days of watching that certain person hold hands with somebody else.  The hurt that comes with it which can be erased in the blink of an eye with a smile in the hallway.

We've all been there.

Ambrose doesn't love Fern.

And he doesn't really even know she exists until an unfortunate plan backfires and results in a situation where Fern, even though she loves him, kinda wishes he still didn't know she existed.

Still, the seed is planted and it holds on and starts to take root -- but is it too late?  When high school ends, life as Fern and Ambrose know it will change forever. 

(For real, this is such a tough review to write in words because all my reactions were on an emotional level -- think head nods and contented sighs with eyes closed and tears and fist pumps)

Amy Harmon writes a New Adult novel that is different from others that I have read.  It is sweeter.  And innocent.  And yet completely soul searching and deep.  And yes, there was romance but it wasn't in your was slow.  And steady.  And up and down and backwards and all the delicious moments that come with a slow slow slow burn. 

It wasn't just about the romance though, because there was friendship.  I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about how much I absolutely fell in love with Bailey.  The glue in this story.  Fern's cousin, her best friend, her confidante, Ambrose's friend, Ambrose's sounding board.  Bailey is the little voice inside all of us that cheers us on when we need it and smacks us around when we deserve it.  Love him.  I don't think it is possible to NOT love Bailey. 

(Again with the smiles and sighs and feels)

Yes, I know I'm rambling and that this review is all over the place...but that's what I do when I read a book that draws on every emotion possible.  All the thoughts and feels I have over this book take over and need to come out and hopefully you get what I'm trying to say.  You need to read this book.  

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