Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Do This!

So, this crazy idea I had about a week ago actually looks like it is going to happen!  I'm a little nervous, to be honest -- but excited at the same time.  I've had the best time this week trying to figure out how I want this blog to look (still tweaking, btw) and setting up a twitter account -- @fluttersnflails -- and reading and reading and reading some more trying to find a book to discuss first.

I'm pretty sure I've found it - but more on that later.

My intentions are pretty basic.  I read a lot and love to talk about the books I read and encourage everybody I know to read them.  I love my book club and my friends on Goodreads, but there are times when I'm left so speechless that sometimes I have to let my thoughts percolate and come together on their own schedule -- usually sometime in the middle of the night when calling a friend on the phone to tell them about THE BEST BOOK EVER is frowned upon.  So this blog will be used to talk about both new releases and old favorites because, well, because that's what I want to do  :)   

For what it is worth, I try to avoid using the word review because I feel like that requires some sort of analysis or break down on my part when that's not why I read.  I read for the emotions, the feelings, the tummy flutters and the crazy muppet arm flailing when something exciting happens.  For the gut punches.  For the angry fist shakes.  For the warm fuzzies.  

Not exactly critical analysis, but I did enough of that in my college days and really don't enjoy it.  Now I read on my  own terms and let my heart take over.  Yup.  Way better!   

So go make some coffee or open some wine and get ready - this is going to be a lot of fun!

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